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Political VoicesWith the first votes counted, the field seems littered with losers.  Last night in Iowa, the three Rep frontrunners and two Dems pretty much ran the table, leaving a trailing field of single digit runners gasping for air.

Carson leads the pack @ 9%, Paul at 5, Jeb! at 3%, Carly, Kasich, Huckabee and Christie at 2,  Santorum @ 1 (gulp) and Gilmore at 0 (can’t wait to hear the upbeat spin on a score of ZERO…) Clinton squeezes through the front gate with Saunders literally clenching her neck, while O’Malley also racks up a giant Egg.

So the Republicans have some perspective to endlessly debate, speaking of which, will these debates simply continue endlessly? And the Dems reveal that it’s a two-person race (as if) that will now doubtlessly get a bit more emphatic.

So where does that leave the Singles at the dance, not a wallflower among them? As of this writing, Huckabee has wished us well. Santorum, Gilmore and O’Malley are ostensibly toast and moments away from relinquishing their moment in the light. Which leaves six single-digit Republicans the task of re-energizing their base, firing up their own resolve and declaring that New Hampshire is now – and always was — the Center of All Things Meaningful and True.

Will they all remain, and if so, will their base stand up and underwrite their financial underpinning? One wonders how many candidates would have made it this far had there been no super-packs to pick up the flight tab to NH. This will likely be the most expensive election in history, financed in great part due to the bitterly tenacious groundswell of change in Washington so many people are demanding. And now that Trump has breakfasted on some humble pie, there could well be a re-ordering of Reps, come the next nomination vote.

And Bernie! His Millennial support base is growing exponentially, adding to the drama that seems to keep building, ensuring (Ensuring, ha!) a barnstorming campaign that will keep the fur flyin’ for the rest of the winter. And if so… well, let’s let this stew simmer for a moment, shall we?

James Mandell

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Political Voices on the Singles Scene