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Willie or Won’ He | Political Voiceovers
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Ten thousand thoughts a day are whizzing past Joe Biden’s head and he’s got to be about the closest thing to a human binary calculator as can be right now: yes no yes noyesnoyesno…Joe Biden Decision


Let’s see how Hillary does on SNL. In the debate. On the hill for the email inquiry. How presidential is she? How assured, how bulletproof? Why am I doing this? Am I being railroaded into something I don’t really want to do. DO I want to do it? Can I stand the pace, the pressure, the relentlessness, the scrutiny. Do I want to be analyzed to death, do I want everyone talking about and sympathizing with the tragedies in my family, am I USING my family to gain favor, to capture momentum, to win something I wouldn’t normally win.

What kind of support is out there? Which unions that haven’t committed, which that have but will change, how does this affect my relationship with Obama for the next year and a half, I’m so damn tired, no I’ve got the energy and I’m so close! What about the kids and the grandkids, have I really got the stamina, I’m 72 fer cryin’ out loud, doesn’t anyone ever get to rest and relax and have some kind of life other than being of service every minute of every day, what about scandal, what have I done, am I squeaky clean, what will they find, what’s my swift boat moment and can I live through it do I care?

What if I do and run and make it through a year’s worth of crap and now I’m elected and I’ve got to get a hopelessly split congress to agree on something anything, what’s my agenda and how do I reconcile it with what’s past and future? Am I that much different from Barack on health care, foreign policy, domestic agenda and whether or not I am (I’m not) how the hell do I get a majority to work with me if the country remains bitterly split and we wake up with the same furious assaults on the healthcare plan and getting back into multiple wars and shoring up a crumbling infrastructure, finding new jobs and opportunities and managing streams of immigrants and isis and global warming and screaming corporations?

What’s different about me that’s going to make any of that work and my god, that’s why so many people are screaming for someone anyone who’s an outsider who can swoop in and kick butt and that’s so not me and ohmygod it’s so true you’d have to be crazy to want to be president what the hell am I trying to prove, I mean is any part of this actually me at all or just all the believers around me and what for, what difference will it make and can I actually do this and do I actually care enough to…   Pffbt : whatever.